Thursday, March 13, 2014

Happy birthday, Mare!

(Okay, I'm a day late... I was distracted by the ridiculous snow yesterday and didn't get around to writing up this post, but I did wish her a happy birthday on the correct day, I'm just telling you about it late.)

Yesterday was my beautiful red mare's 20th birthday!  As you can see, she was very excited about it...

Yep.  Thrilled.

I rode her Monday night.  First time in about 7 months... I was kind of hoping she'd spend all night yelling at River (whose stall is right across from hers) about how she is NOT supposed to work for a living and he had darn well better get sound so she can go back to doing nothing in peace.  Sadly, it has not worked.

I got on her and was just going to start playing music on my phone when my vet called... so I rode her for like 15 minutes while talking to my vet.  Mare was fine with that..  When I *gasp* took up contact, she interpreted that as a sign to rush.  I actually rode her for all of 10 minutes, and she was a little sweaty.  From 10 minutes of walking-but-trying-to-take-off-and-arguing-and-making-faces.

Poor overworked mare..

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