Monday, March 17, 2014

River is seeking higher education.

He's going to Cornell on Thursday.

Vet was out on Saturday.  We were going to take more xrays looking for a hairline fracture, but after examining him she thinks there's more going on than we initially thought.  We're thinking it's something with his shoulder, but absolutely no idea what, and he needs more diagnostics than my vet can do.  So we're off to Cornell.

Jingles, prayers, and good thoughts appreciated..  Hoping that:  1.  They can figure out what's wrong with him.  2.  It's nothing terrible.  3.  It's not too expensive.


  1. Way to be an Ivy Leaguer, Riv. Hopefully you guys get if figure out!

  2. Hoping you get it figured out. I had a really great experience at Cornell a few years back. Good luck!

  3. Good luck at Cornell! Hopefully the news will be good, as well as cheap! :)