Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Rode The Mare

The Mare had to earn her keep last night.  Last time I rode her was about 2 months ago, and the time before that was about 8 months ago.  Last ride she was obnoxious and plowing through my hands and just a nutcase.  Last night she was surprisingly good.  So apparently 6 months between rides is too long, 2 months is fine.

Poor girl worked up a quite a sweat, so she got hosed off and grazed for a while to dry a bit.

Such a flattering angle of her!  And this is what happens when you're not really paying attention to your horse and she turns her head.. she pulls the lead rope away--not difficult, considering I was barely holding on to it.

River is tentatively scheduled for xrays on the 22nd.. that depends on a whole lot of things, including if another vet is able to do the xrays (the vet who did the practice xrays is off on Thursdays, which is pretty much the only day I can do it), if they can come to the farm or if I have to trailer him, if I can borrow a trailer, and if he's sound.  Darn horses.

River is so spoiled.  He's one of the only horses in the barn who gets the special hay, and the only one who gets it for all meals (because he's stalled, there's different hay outside).  He had to eat the peasant hay for a day or so a few weeks ago while waiting to get in more of the special stuff, and he was like "um, excuse me?  This hay is for commoners.  I get the special hay."  Not that the regular hay is bad, it's really quite nice grass hay.  But the special hay...  I'm not even sure what it is, it's second cutting with some alfalfa, but oh my gosh it's soooo nice.  When all the horses were getting it, they were hoovering it up in no time.  Now only the picky eaters/hard keepers get it.  I could rave about the hay all day.  It's so soft and green and the bales are really dense and heavy and the flakes are so nice and uniform...  it's just wonderful.
Mmmmm, hay!  (Picture does not do it justice!)

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