Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Who's smarter, me or River?

That's not a trick question.

Case for River:
I clean his stall every time I give him his antibiotics, so three times a day.  This has been going on for almost 7 weeks.  In the past week or two, he's started peeing while I'm cleaning his stall.  Not every time, or even every day, but much more often than you normally see your horse pee.  Usually, he doesn't pee a whole lot, so obviously he didn't really need to go..... but apparently, he figures that since I'm there cleaning up his mess anyway, he might as well unload whatever he's got so his stall stays nice and clean.

Case for me:

I dunno, I think we're pretty even...


  1. Hahaha! Nice one!

  2. Oh I def think you win!! lol

    I have become the master at grabbing a shovel when Henry poops in the cross ties :)