Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Waiting on a verdict... Post 300!

This is my 300th post!  Woohoo!  300 posts later, and my horse (when sound) is still walk-trot and low jumps if we're feeling brave.  Kind of (really a lot) pathetic.

He had his x-rays on Monday.... waiting to hear from the vet at Cornell to see what she thinks.  Clinically, he's better, but it's hard to tell if he can stop the antibiotics.

The vet was running late, so I groomed him and pulled his mane.  Fuzzy photo:

The floofy part near his withers is from his blanket apparently rubbing his mane out.  So it's growing back as a fuzzy poof.  Which is also largely why I pulled his mane.... to help disguise his floof a bit.  Also I love the word floof.

I was finishing up when a young (13-ish) boarder came, and she was like "oh my gosh, are you just ripping his mane out??"  Well, yeah, that's how it's done.  Apparently she'd never heard of mane pulling!  But she does Western (and maybe Wenglish, I'm not sure), and I think they mostly cut manes... gag.  I haaaaaaate cut manes.  Hate them.  The BO at the Old Man's barn uses a Solocomb to cut manes...  I've informed her that she is not allowed to do her own horses' manes because she does them wrong.  I will do them properly, by pulling them, and she can pay me for it.

His hinds have been stocking up quite a bit, and he's been standing so his hind heels are elevated on a pile of bedding... I sent a pic to Super-Awesome Farrier asking what that posture indicates, and he said suspensory issues.  Ugh.  I want his cyst to get better so he can go back to turnout and hopefully whatever other problems he's developing can fix themselves.

I've started wrapping his hinds again....  the vets who did the xrays complimented his pink wraps!  Also his pink halter, pink lead, and the pink shoelaces in my black paddock boots.

Riv is really getting good at the whole "peeing when Mom is there to clean it up" routine.  He's pretty much gotten over his bladder shyness.

He kinda looks like a Saddlebred!  Haha!

Fingers crossed that his vet from Cornell thinks he can stop the antibiotics!

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