Monday, September 17, 2012

I neglected to tell you that I'd be neglecting you.

My apologies.  You and River have been pretty much ignored for the past few days.

I took my old guy to a show on Saturday.  It was...  um.  I survived!  That's really the best that can be said.  We did an Intro horse trial.  Dressage was decent (35.0 penalties).  Stadium was ugly and then I fell off with two fences left.  It's very much a schooling show, so they let you complete it even if you get disqualified.  I was going to ride xc, but I was just too afraid*.  He can go from being wonderful to being nuts in a second, and when that switch is flipped, you can't stop**.  The last time I rode in a field, I broke my leg.  I am understandably nervous at the idea of a repeat.

So I had someone else ride him for me.  She rides much more than I do, and is braver and stickier, and therefore much less likely to die.  He was reasonably behaved...  he jumped everything without stopping and wasn't too out of control.

*Once upon a time, I'd rather have died than admit to being afraid of my horse or a jump.  Now, I'll shout it from the rooftops, I don't care.  Yes, I get scared.  I get scared about a crossrail or a 12" vertical.  I know what can happen and I have a great deal of respect for the dangers of horseback riding.  I try to push myself enough that I'm not stagnating, but not so much that fear will interfere with my ability to ride well enough to get the job done.

**Contrary to how it sounds, my old guy isn't crazy and dangerous.  Not really, anyway.  He just gets excited about jumping and sometimes his brain turns off.  He's perfect and wonderful and I love him more than anything... but his show name is Suicide Run for a reason.

Some xc pictures... the only ones I have because I was riding the other phases and obviously couldn't take pictures.

Isn't he ADORABLE???  Even when the rider is pulling with all her might to slow him down and he completely ignores it and keeps going...  Love my boy so so much <3.

Anywho, now that the show is over I'll be able to pay attention to River again.

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