Friday, September 28, 2012

The Horrors of Blanket Washing

Yesterday, the package containing Princess' new winter blanket and a bottle of blanket wash arrived.

First, the new blanket is hot pink.  I mean HOT.  PINK.  I might need sunglasses to look at him.  I should feel bad.... but I don't.  At all.  I was at the feed store talking to a girl who works at the barn, and she said she was so confused for a while about River/Princess and Irish and trying to figure out which is the mare and which is the gelding.  She feels bad for Riv's pink blanket.  Oh well.  Besides, we're at a mostly-western barn where silver and bling and crystals and bright colors are normal.

Now on to the main portion of today's post...

I know I'd talked about going to a laundromat to wash blankets.  I gave it up and decided I wasn't going to make it there, so yesterday I washed the light stuff.

Sheet One:  River's Rambo Wug.  Found a dead bug in the washer.  Ewwww.

Sheet Three:  Irish's 100g Rambo.  Nothing scary here.

Now for the gross one...

Sheet Two:  Irish's Schneider's sheet.  Found a dead caterpillar in a cocoon, with its head and big eyes sticking out of the top.  I know it doesn't really sound all that icky, but trust me.  It was that icky.   *shudder*

I still have a sheet that's MIA, and frankly if it does turn up I may well be too afraid to touch it.  (BO who didn't feed my horses borrowed it and never returned it.  Gr.)

Blankets remaining to be washed:  Irish's heavyweight Rambo (which cost me $75 brand new!!!!  Deal of the century!) and Striker's midweight Schneider's.

Haven't seen Princess or the mare since Tuesday morning.  Pretty sure they're still alive.  I did see my baby Tuesday.. she's alive and well.  I'm almost looking forward to winter.. she's gotten fat on grass.  Not horribly obese, but too fat for a yearling.  Hopefully the cold and hay will slim her down a little..  she hasn't had grain in about 3 months!

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