Saturday, November 17, 2012

He did it!

He trotted poles without falling over them and messing them up!!!

The first time through, he jumped the first one crooked and half jumped the second before ending up in the middle of the ring.  LOL.  After a couple tries, he was going through SO well--forward and careful.  Yay pony!!  He wasn't as good to the right.  He tends to get tense that way and sticks his head up and gets all jerky and annoying.

So I was getting tacked up last night and I decided to finally use my standing attachment.  I get the saddle on with the breastplate and was about to put my bridle on when I remembered...  Drop Noseband + Standing Martingale = NO!!!  Because I'm too lazy to change nosebands and I put all that effort into putting on the breastplate, I did it the easy way... put the plain caveson on first, almost like a grooming halter, and then put the bridle on top.  Used the drop like normal, put the standing on the caveson.  Success!  Looked a little ridiculous with all that equipment on his head, but it worked.

I would have gotten a picture, except when I got off at the end, my stupid phone battery died :(.  Which also meant I couldn't ride the mare :( :(.  After the whole broken leg thing, I won't ride without my phone or someone else in the barn.  Gr.  But at least it was a really good ride on Princess.

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