Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Long time, no post

Well, a week.  Whatever.

Rode Princess for the first time in almost two weeks... such a good boy.   Even when he's being giraffe-y, he's so darn pleasant and agreeable.  He doesn't get snotty, he hasn't been spooky or nutty even after time off (knock on wood!!!!), and he doesn't really regress.  I can pretty much pick up where I left off.  It kind of amazes me, really..  I rode The Mare, too, and she was surprisingly good.

I have some very exciting news...

I can no longer count River's ribs.

Woohoo!!!!!  I haven't ridden him in a while and he's been wearing clothes, so I really had no idea what was going on underneath...  apparently, what's been going on is some darn good weight gain!  The Mare is at a pretty good weight, too.  Princess does still need to gain weight, but he's not gross anymore.  Thank goodness..  It's getting closer to winter and I didn't fancy trying to put weight on him during the colder months.  It was 28 degrees out this morning when I went to do chores.  Princess is finally getting up to a decent weight.

No pictures, because my phone doesn't like taking pictures in the barn at night, and I wasn't about to undress them this morning for a photo shoot.  Some day...

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