Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Little of this, little of that.

I've been so neglectful lately...  Let me see.

Rode River last night.  He is such a good darn boy.  Had a week off, got on, picked up where we left off.  We even cantered!!  I was a little nervous because it had been a while, but he was very good.  As much as he's kind of a dumb boy, he picks stuff up fast and remembers it.

I also rode my old guy for pretty much the first time in almost two months.  (I got on him once bareback for like 5 minutes, but that doesn't really count.)  Oh dear...  I spent the entire time trying to get him under control.  You'd think a 25 1/2 year old would be slowing down... oh no, not my boy.  He is, however, the best frickin' horse in the world.  I got on and we were walking around.  He was kind of wandering around doing his thing while I was getting my riding playlist started.  I set it on shuffle, and the first song that came on was Pour Some Sugar On Me.  Immediately, my horse took off trotting.  BEST.  HORSE.  EVER.

Also re: my old guy...  yesterday I had my FB status about how "my boy has been really loud whenever he sees me and he's been molesting me more than usual.  I think he wants to be ridden."  Heh heh heh.

Oh, so River has been a big fat butthead lately.  He's been being stupid about coming in... trying to run people over and then running backward if they use a chain over his nose.  Just being a royal jerk..  we're thinking it's because he's finally getting to a good weight and he's feeling good.  But even so, he was very good being ridden.

On a completely different note...

I'm trying to avoid being one of *those* horse owners.  You know the ones.  The neurotic ones who have 18 different supplements to give and mixing their horse's feed is only slightly less complicated than making meth.

River gets a SmartPak (SmartFlex Maintenance, SmartDigest, half dose Tri-Amino) at dinner, The Mare gets U-Gard.

Then there's what I give them...

River:  1.5 scoops beep, 1.5 scoops falf.  Source, Accel, fake Omega Horseshine, and an RB (leftover for my baby who no longer gets grain).
The Mare:  1 scoop beep, 1 scoop falf.  Source, Accel, MSM, fake Omega Horseshine, and the RB.

(Scoops aren't full grain scoops... it's a plastic drinking glass, so probably a bit over 2 cups.)

Soak the beep/falf in hot water for an hour or so.  Dig out a hole in the middle, add Source, Accel, and The Mare's MSM.  Lightly cover with beep/falf.  Sprinkle with fake OH.  Add RB to top.  Oh, and their BOSS when I remember to get it out of the car.  Press down.  Add more hot water if it seems a bit dry.  Dump into feeder. 

My barn is quite wonderful, but I'm pretty sure they'd smack me if I suddenly added half a dozen different supplements, even without the beep/falf.  I considered having them feed The Mare's MSM, but that AND the U-Gard just seems like an awful lot of trouble.

On the bright side, giving them their extra meals makes them like me more.  Otherwise they'd see me coming and be like "oh crap, here she comes, I don't want to have to work!"  At least this way they're more like "crap, I don't want to work, but at least she feeds us afterward..."

Super-awesome farrier is coming tomorrow.  The Mare doesn't have much, but Princess needs things neatened up after having his shoes pulled.

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