Friday, November 23, 2012


I rode Riv yesterday.  He was okay.  Then we cantered.  As we went by the gate, a dog scrambled down the aisle playing with a ball and Riv spooked hard and threw some bucks.  By some miracle I didn't fall off and managed to get him cantering again.  We went past the gate without issue and immediately stopped and I got off.  My nerves were shot.

Today, I had a friend come out and ride him.  We were outside and he was pretty good.  A little scatterbrained, but that's typical Riv.  I put out a cavaletti on the medium side (so like 12" high) and he was SO good.  Going to the right, he trotted up to it and landed in a nice pleasant canter.  Going to the left, the first time he launched it and landed bucking.  After a minute to walk and settle, they did it a couple more times and each one was better.  The last time was so so good.  He clearly wanted to get excited approaching it, but he stayed calm, hopped over it, and settled right down afterward.

 And video...  not from the silly time or the best time, one of the middle ones.

My friend liked him a lot.  She felt the same way I do, that he's so pleasant and agreeable, even if he is a little dumb sometimes.  He tries hard to be a good boy and do what he's supposed to.

And like I told her when she was walking him out...  he did really well for his first time being ridden outside.


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