Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Princess got cranky with me last night.  He tends to bulge out through his shoulder on a circle between the quarterline and the rail.  So I've been tapping him on the shoulder with my whip to remind him not to do that.  Last night he decided he didn't appreciate that gentle reminder and threw a tiny tantrum.  I'm not entirely sure what he actually did... it was like a jump/kick/wiggle.  Not a big deal at all, though.  After that, he was much better.  He didn't bulge out nearly as much.  I guess he just needed to let me know that he has his own ideas about things, even if he gives in to my way eventually. 

He's really figuring out that leg means something, even if he's not entirely sure what that something is.  We leg yielded both ways at a walk quite respectably.  He trotted a leg yield to the left nicely, and one to the right decently. 

I'm very very happy with my boy :).

The Mare was okay.  She wasn't really bad, she just wasn't putting any effort into being good.  Ah well, she's a chestnut Thoroughbred mare.  Not bad is really the best that I can hope for.

I had posted before about my horses' condition when we moved...

Here is The Mare when we moved to the new barn:

This is The Mare after one month:

This is The Mare after 2.5 months:

She's not gross!!!  She needs muscle on her topline, but she's actually at a healthy weight now!  Yay!!!!!  Love love love my new barn!


  1. Hi! Are your horses at JLD Equine? Cause I went to turn out a horse in one of the big fields, and I recognized Riv by his blaze, lol! Atleast I'm pretty sure it was him... He was making friends with a dark bay :)

    1. Hi! No, they're not at that barn.. It's an easy mistake to make, though, I saw a picture of a horse who looks EXACTLY like Riv, blaze, socks, conformation, everything. He and The Mare are the only ones in their turnout, so no big bays for friends :).