Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane.... yeah, right

So much for that hurricane we were getting all these warnings about turned into a big fat nothing.... big surprise.  It rained.  That was it.

Horses have been in for a few days because of all the rain.  Princess is fine, but I'm sure The Mare is displeased.  She doesn't like being stalled.

I was going to make Riv a pretty big batch of beep/falf pellets.  I filled a tupperware thing at home and added some hot water to presoak on the way to the barn.  You know, it's hard to judge volume with differently shaped containers..  The tupperware thing was full to the top by the time I got to the barn, and that was with not-much water.  Dumped it into two 8qt pails and added more water.  By the time it was done-ish, both pails were almost completely full to the top.  Plus grain.  So River's breakfast consisted of about 2 gallons of feed.  Probably about 3/4 of that is beep/falf, the remainder grain.  Yeah... kinda made more than I was planning...

Haven't ridden in a few days, just been too busy.  Maybe tonight, but not sure.  I think I'm kind of sick.. I keep getting lightheaded and just feel out of sorts.  Probably not ideal conditions for riding...

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