Tuesday, October 16, 2012

No Princess tonight

Unless I decide to work on my stupid IRB proposal and make enough progress that I can get to the barn before it's too late.  Which totally isn't going to happen.  But I am seriously considering making that my new rule.... no riding until AFTER I work on the proposal...

Today's interaction with Riv consisted of putting stuff on his leg and turning him out.  His leg... he's got this yucky patch of scabby skin on the outside of his RH fetlock.  It's very strange.  I tried treating it with MTG, but it didn't help.. if anything, the patch got bigger.  This morning, I put on triple antibiotic ointment and topped with diaper cream.  I'll see how that works...  No clue what it is, though.  If not for the location, I'd say scratches, but why would he only have scratches on his fetlock?  That doesn't make sense to me.  The patch is very dense--the area is entirely scabby and gross.  It's not very big, maybe 3" in diameter?  Maybe less...  It doesn't seem to bother him, except when I pick at it.  No idea what it is or where it came from..

And this, my friends, is why he is Princess.

A screw fell out of my saddle at some point.  It's a Collegiate convertible, the Diploma.  No words for how much I love this saddle.  If I won the lottery, I wouldn't upgrade.  But one of the outermost screws fell out, so the panels and bottom flap of my saddle is only attached to the seat and top flap with one screw and the stitching around the back of the seat.  And of course the easy-change gullet set doesn't come with replacements for THOSE screws, only the inside ones that hold the gullet plate in place.  How likely are you to really need a replacement for those?  Can they really come out when the saddle is together?  Doesn't seem likely to me.  Also:  who decided to call it the easy change gullet system?  Anyone who's tried to change the gullet knows it is anything but easy.  Very funny, Wintec/Weatherbeeta.  Well, anyway, I ordered the replacement screw pack.  Sadly, SmartPak doesn't carry it, nor are they willing/able to start carrying it, so I went to Victory Canter instead.  Bonus there is you get 5% cashback on your purchases and free shipping on orders over $40.

The screw set is about $11.  I also ordered a standing attachment (to try on Riv), a leather hole punch, a new pulling comb, and halter fleeces to cover up the buckle on Princess' halter that keeps rubbing him.  Grand total:  $40.05.  Am I good or what???

The only downside of Victory Canter is they are sooooooo sloowwwwwww.  I doubt I'll get my order before the end of next week.  Ah well, if I stick to my resolution, I probably won't be getting much use out of my saddle anyway.

Lastly, my baby has been being a brat.  Not for me, of course, but for other people.  Galloping by in the pasture and kicking out at them, that sort of thing.  She hasn't tried that stuff with me in a long time, now she knows attitude on her part is met with a solid whack from a crop or whatever I happen to have handy.  I've told the other people to carry a whip and use it, but I'm not sure that'll happen, so I'm trying to remind her of boundaries and manners.. she's already good for me, but maybe the lessons will stick with her with other people, too. 

Today, I took her for a walk down the road.  There's a pretty quiet side street that goes along one side of the barn, so we went down that.  It wasn't a long walk, probably no more than half a mile round trip, but it was her first time doing it.  There were quite a few cars... she was nervous but reasonably good.  I had her halt and stood between her and the car, keeping one hand at her head and one on her rump so she wouldn't swing into the middle of the road.  Thankfully, all the drivers were very good about slowing way down or even stopping and waiting for me to gesture them on.  On the way back, we jogged a little, especially practicing going from jogging to whoa.  I mostly want her to move on a hard surface, as what I've read indicates that that can help increase bone density.  A short walk with a bit of jogging on asphalt certainly won't hurt her, anyway.  Also, she's fat and needs exercise.  We're a good pair!  It must have looked silly, me jogging along the road with my horse in tow.

Hm, I suppose that's all for now..

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