Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Rode Princess last night.  It was so-so.  He wasn't really bad.... but he wasn't really good, either.  I tried him in a drop noseband, so maybe he didn't care for it.  I've never actually used a drop before and may not have adjusted it correctly.  Probably should have taken a picture for input.... ah well.  I never claimed to be all that smart.  He also hadn't been ridden in a few days, so maybe he just needs a ride or two to get back into it..  Yeah, we'll go with that excuse.  He does seem to be getting a little more supple, so that's something.  We didn't canter, just walked and trotted.

I think he's putting weight on.  I hadn't seen him without a sheet on since Thursday, and he seemed to be a bit fuller across his ribs and topline.

Another boarder had bought beep shreds for her horse, and then decided he was too fat and gave the beep to me.  So Princess and The Mare got extra beep last night, AND beep this morning.  (I do morning chores on Tuesdays.  It's yucky and rainy, so I left the horses in.  I wouldn't normally give them beep in the morning because it takes too long to eat, but they have all day to finish it.)  The nice thing about shreds is that the soak in no time in hot water.  They each got a 2 gallon bucket about 2/3 full of soaked beep this morning, plus grain and oil.  They'll get more beep and falf and BOSS and oil tonight.  Porky ponies!  The Mare is looking good, so I'll probably start cutting her back soon.

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