Monday, October 22, 2012

Things That Annoy Me

I don't have much to say about Princess.  He didn't get ridden Friday because someone was taking a lesson and I didn't want to intrude or hang around for them to finish.  I didn't see him at all on Saturday.  Sunday, I brought him in and fed him, and that was it.  Actually, Sunday was a pretty horrible day.  I work 6AM - 12 at the gas station/convenience store.  Then I have a 30 minute drive to a barn to do 14 stalls... and of course there was almost no bedding, so that sucked.  Then popped over to the baby's barn to pick out a couple of stalls and put those horses out.  Then 30 minutes driving to Riv's barn to do stalls and night chores there.  On the bright side, two people had already done their own stalls, so I only had 10!!  But still, night chores take me a good 2.5 hours.. and I watered the indoor, so that's another hour or more.  It was about a 15 hour day, and it sucked.

So since I don't have much to say about Princess except that he's alive, I'm going to talk about things that annoy me at work.

Things That Annoy Me at the Gas Station/Convenience Store

1.  "I'd like $10 on pump... uh, that one over there." Seriously?  You can't take 2 seconds to look at the really big number on your pump, and then retain that information for another 15 seconds?  I don't know what pump you're on.  I don't know what car you're driving.  And when it's 6AM and still dark outside, I can't see out the window to guess.  Know what pump you're on, or risk being punched in the face.

2.  People who throw money at me/people who ignore my outstretched hand to put their pennies on the counter so I have to pry them up.  It's incredibly rude.  Don't do it.  I don't throw things at you, please return the courtesy.

3.  People who are talking on their phone or to another person in the store and therefore completely ignoring me.  Hi, see me here, waiting to help you?  Guess what?  I have other things to do!  When you stand there ignoring me, I can't leave to go do one of the other 18 things I have to do, nor can I take care of you.  Please don't be rude.  Don't waste my time.  If you're too engrossed in your conversation, wait until you're finished to approach my register.  If you're on your cell phone, hang up.  You're not that important.  The person you're talking to is not that important.  Don't be a douche.

4.  People who paw through the stack of newspapers.  What's wrong with the one on top???  There's one guy who does this EVERY SINGLE TIME, and I'm about ready to ask him what makes the paper he selects so much better than the one on top.  Thanks for making a mess of my carefully arranged stack, I appreciate it!

5.  People who insist on filling their coffee to the very top, and then refuse to use a lid so they walk through the store trailing drips of coffee all over the floor.  Jerk.

6.  When people put their purchases on the counter as far away from me as humanly possible, so I have to crawl across it to scan them.  I usually respond by picking up said item(s), scanning them, and putting them on the counter as far from the customer as possible.  How do you like it?!

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