Sunday, October 14, 2012

Cantering and jumping

(But not at the same time.)

First, River cantered under saddle on purpose for the first time today!  It took some work to get him into it, but once he got going it looked pretty nice.  Obviously he needs balance and muscle and all that, but I think we've got pretty decent raw material.

Because he was being good and I had a willing victim... I mean, rider... who is far braver than I am, Riv did some jumping..

I hadn't planned on putting it up that high... and by "that high" I mean "still under 2 foot"....  but he wasn't putting any effort into it lower.  He just trotted blandly over it..  which is a good thing, I guess, considering my horses usually see jumping as an excuse to run around like crazy.

He really was SUCH a good boy.  He didn't stop at the jump at all, nor did he rush it.  He did knock it repeatedly...  I don't know how to interpret that.  Is he sufficiently talented that little speedbumps like this don't even phase him, or is he so completely untalented that even a tiny jump is beyond his capabilities?  Time will tell, I guess..

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