Saturday, October 13, 2012

Why do I bother?

Sometimes I set up trot poles.  As in multiple poles precisely spaced for trotting.  It never fails, we manage to trot through once, maybe twice before he crashes through them and renders them unusable.  So I can either dismount and fix them or stay on and not go over the poles.  I prefer option B.  That's what happened last night..  He could really use the trot pole work, but we can't use them because he's a clod.  I suppose if I get my cavaletti, that would work--they're solid and heavy enough he'd have a hard time messing them up.  But they're solid and heavy enough that I don't fancy moving them into the indoor to ride and then taking them back out when I'm done.  So he gets a stay of execution.

Besides being a dumb boy, he was good yesterday and today.  Nothing special, just working on relaxing and giving.  Today he tried to stop by the gate, I whacked him, and he came very close to throwing a tantrum, but we managed to get through it without fireworks.  The next time he didn't stop, so he learned his lesson.

Pretty new halter got passed on to my baby today.

She's not quite 18 months old.  She wears the halter one hole smaller than River.  And, okay, it was a bit small on him, so she's like 2 holes smaller.  She's a half-pony yearling.  Riv is a 16.1hh Thoroughbred.  What??  In case you're interested, her withers are just under 15hh, her butt is 15.1 1/2".  *sigh*

I got braided her tail for fun.  I think it turned out okay considering I've never actually braided a tail before.  She's got the pony tail.  It is ridiculously full and thick.  She also has the pony metabolism.  No grain in months, just grass, and she's FAT.  I'm looking forward to winter so she can slim down.  She may get a grazing muzzle come spring...

Okie doke, that's all for tonight.  River is being cantered tomorrow for the first time!

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