Friday, December 14, 2012

Bit of this and that.

Background to the story I'm about to tell:  Just before Thanksgiving, a friend (the one who cantered Princess for the first time) and I went out to the barn where her mare and my baby live.  They both needed feet done, so I did my baby and helped the friend with her mare.  Me being me, I rasped off a chunk of my finger and it was bleeding kind of a lot.  Friend was insisting I do something, so I was like "hang on, I think I have napkins and duck tape in my car, I'll be right back."  So I bandaged my finger with a bit of napkin and some duck tape.  Problem solved.

Now to the story...  Monday I went over to friend's house for dinner and Christmas presents.  She got me pink bell boots for River (awwww!) and pink polos with crystal tiaras (awwwww!!!!!)..... and best of all?  A first aid kit!  With Disney Princess bandaids!!!  So now I'm never going to hurt myself again, because I'm totally prepared.

I got my Mare's ulcer meds (ranitidine).  12 pills a day!  Thankfully she gobbles them right up.  She's never actually been diagnosed with ulcers, but given her behavior I figure it's more than likely.  And ranitidine is crazy cheap, so that's good.

Haven't ridden all week... just been busy and stuff.

A couple pictures from yesterday...

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