Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I feel like I should say something about what happened in Sandy Hook Elementary.  There's not really anything I can say that hasn't been said before and in better words, so I'll say this:  It sucks.  Hurting children is WRONG.  Not that hurting adults or adolescents is acceptable, but hurting innocent children is a whole other level of evil.  I can't begin to imagine how the victims' families and the other teachers and children are suffering, and I hope their pain eases and they find peace.

Crap, now I feel stupid posting any of the silly frivolous crap I had thought about.

I've been neglecting River and therefore his blog..  It's just been busy and I haven't particularly felt like riding.  I probably will tonight.  I got a big Stanley tool/tack trunk that I need to move in...  since I'm going to be there tonight anyway, I should probably ride. 

Funny thing, I ordered the trunk from Home Depot online Sunday night and set it for in-store pickup.  Monday, I called my mom and asked her to pick it up for me... she was in town near Home Depot and she has a Trailblazer.  If you're not familiar with the Stanley trunks, figure your typical big plastic tack trunk, that's how big it is.  I told my mom it wouldn't fit in my car, so if she could pick it up, that would be great.  Sure, she could get it.  A few hours later, I get this text:  "you didn't tell me it was huge!"  Uh, mom?  What part of "it won't fit into my car" didn't register??  And besides, it has wheels!  It's plastic!  No one has ever thrown their back out moving an empty Stanley trunk...  Sheesh.  (I'm not being ungrateful.  I'm just making fun of my mom.  Don't worry, she's used to it.)

Weather has been gross.  So rainy.  I hate rain.  Hate hate hate hate hate rain.  Because I really really really really really really hate hate hate hate hate hate hate mud.  Hot, I can tolerate.  Freezing, I can tolerate.  Mud is the bane of my existence.  If I ruled the universe, it would only rain during the night, and only enough to keep the world going, never enough to create deep muddy slop.  If you hate mud too, vote for me for ruler of the universe!

One of my friends is home from school for Christmas break.  Hoping to drag her out to ride River soon!  (This is the friend who rode him for me the first time.  I only have, like, three friends, so it's pretty easy to keep track.)

Do you ever think about what you would do if you were rich?  Like super-foxy-mega-awesome rich?  (Gold star if you get the reference!)  Here's one of my fun plans...

If I were crazy rich, I would buy a golf course.  A really popular, fancy golf course.  I'd buy it quietly and not change anything so no one would really notice.  One nice late spring day, after a good rain when the ground is soft and the sun is shining and the sky is blue and there are tons of stuffy old golfers on the course... I'd go galloping across the greens, tearing up the turf, and watch the golfers freak out.  (This is my fantasy, so we'll pretend I'm not afraid of galloping.  In reality, I would probably have my horse shod all around with stud holes drilled and really big studs put in for maximum effect as I trot around.)

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