Friday, December 7, 2012

Wild and Crazy Thoroughbreds

River was still being an up-down butthead last night.  He was able to relax and go forward here and there, but not consistently.  I also had some poles out...  3 trot poles (set close) and an elevated pole at a different spot in the ring.  He was actually able to trot through the poles!!  First time doing it without being totally goofy and hitting them!  He did not want anything to do with the elevated pole, though.  Which.....  wtf?  He free jumped ~2'9" from a trot a couple days ago, he seriously can't step over a 9" high pole?  Dork.

I didn't ride long because I wasn't feeling good..  Finished and sat in the middle for a few minutes..

Yes, those are the reins sitting on his neck, my feet out of the stirrups, and both hands on my phone.  Crazy Thoroughbred!

Also, I would recommend NOT purchasing a Wintec standing martingale attachment.  After two uses, the snap broke and now it's useless.  Yeah, it was less than $15, but still!  Breaking after less than an hour in use?  Give me a break!  I emailed the place I bought it from, so maybe they'll offer me a refund or replacement.  Worst case scenario, I'll cut off the broken snap and replace it with this thing.

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