Monday, December 3, 2012

Crappy Anniversary and Awesome Barn

Our anniversary ride was kinda crappy.  He was just... blegh.  Same with on Friday.  Actually, on Friday I got off and had him moving loose because he almost felt off.  He's not off, just being weird.  He's being too up-and-down and not enough forward.  (The Mare, however, was quite delightful.  I updated my facebook status:  "I get nervous when the mare is pleasant. What is she planning?!?!!"  A (married male) friend commented that that applies to the females of most species.  I lol'ed.)

On the bright side... I got to the barn on Sunday to do chores, and what do I see when I walk in?

Yes!!!!!  When you work a 12+ hour day, surprise banana muffins (with chocolate chips!!!!) are a Really Big Deal.

And I was doing stalls and listening to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows when I happened to look up at my horses' stalls...

Awwww!!!  They got their nameplates!!  The BO makes everyone nice wood nameplates...  I've been wondering when Princess and The Mare would get theirs.  I figured she'd want to wait until we'd been there a while before she made them.  How annoying would it be to make nameplates and have the horse move out the next day?  So I've been looking and waiting, and on then when the nameplates are up it takes 45 minutes for me to notice.  Dumb me.

My barn is so awesome.