Saturday, November 2, 2013

An actual update!

Let's see...

I rode a couple/three weeks ago.  I tried my dressage saddle again and it was much better.  Apparently I was too fat for it last time..  down about 30 pounds since May-ish.  I was tipping forward, but I think a pad will help with that.  I'm still trying to sell the saddle, though.

Thursday horses stayed in, so I brought Princess in the indoor to run around a bit.  I even had him free jump a little:

I did make it higher, but he's kind of dumb and I can't get him to free jump and video at the same time.

Rode last night.  We didn't do a whole lot because I haven't been riding much.  It seems pretty mean to ignore him for a few weeks, and then expect him to work hard.  We only "worked" for maybe 15 minutes.  I even did a little trotting without stirrups!  (I know this is "no-stirrup November", but there's no way I'm going without stirrups for a month.  Besides, one year I gave up stirrups for Lent, so that's way cooler.)  Then we walked around for a while like this:

And just after I took that picture, he walked into the middle of the ring and stopped, very clearly indicating that he was sufficiently cooled out and was ready to go back to his still.  I know I shouldn't let him get away with that sort of thing, but it's so funny I can't help it.

Sadly, our meager ride was enough to get him sweaty, so I'll have to trace clip him.  Bah.

River looking cute and dumb:

My vet got this handy mousetrap.  Mice like Milky Way candy bars.

Isn't it so darn cute???

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