Tuesday, November 12, 2013

River is looking like the little brother in A Christmas Story...

...when the mom gets him all bundled up to go out in the snow and he's wearing so many clothes he can't move.

It started snowing last night.  Temp was in the mid-high twenties this morning and there were a couple inches of snow.  Poor Princess is half naked.  He's been wearing a midweight turnout with neck cover.  He felt warm enough in his stall, but I didn't want him getting cold outside, so I added a midweight belly band stable blanket underneath.  He's going to be plenty warm!

Thankfully, he's so good about blanketing and having everything taken off/put on over his head.  The stable blanket is a closed front, so it has to go on over his head.  The Rambo is open front, but undoing the the velcro straps on the hood and the snaps and two velcro things on the chest?  Ugh, way too much work.  Much easier to undo the surcingles, pull the tail strap up over his back, and pull the whole thing off over his head.  Plus it's really fun to leave it half on/half off for a few seconds while he's like "omg, woman, grow up, it's not that funny, now would you please finish??"

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