Monday, November 25, 2013

Okay, so I was wrong.

My last post, I commented that he looked off in the video but he was actually totally sound.  Being a Nervous Nellie, I should the video to my vet, who laughed at me and was like "uh, he is lame, that's not an illusion."  But-but-but.... he felt 100%!  I even rode without a whip, which never happens!!  How could he be lame??

That was Wednesday.  She said she could come out Friday morning, so longe him Thursday evening and see if he's still lame.  I sent her the video, she texted back that she'd see me in the morning.  *sigh*

My poor wonderful vet is going to regret telling me he's lame, I told her from now on before I ride I'm going to longe him and send her a video and wait for the okay to ride.

So Friday she came out with hoof testers.  The problem is his left front.  He has nice thick soles, but there's a spot that's soft despite being thick.  Most likely is he's just ouchy because the ground is really uneven and frozen solid, so he probably took a bad step.  Nothing to worry about.  I'll see if any of my hoof boots fit him for extra protection.

Also, I've mentioned before what a hoover The Mare is.  She gets 3-4 flakes of hay at night, which is probably 15-20 pounds.  She's down to nibbling on scraps while everyone else has half their hay left at 9PM.  I asked the BO if I could put up a hay net, so The Mare would get her normal amount on the floor like normal, and I'd have the hay net for her to nibble at all night.  First night, I put in 3 flakes, thinking she wouldn't eat it all, but it'd give me an idea of how much she eats overnight.  Next morning.... nothing.  She ate 30+  pounds of hay overnight.  Holy crap.  It's a small hole hay net!  The holes are like 1.5" square!  Apparently she doesn't sleep....  So now she gets one flake in the hay net.  I'm going to put the hay in the net, and then put it in another small hole hay net.  Hopefully that will slow her down enough that she can't gobble the whole thing up in no time.  I wouldn't really worry except that she has ulcers and I don't want her going all night without anything in her stomach, but she can't be eating $10 of hay every night when she's at a good weight!

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