Monday, November 18, 2013


Vet was out to do teeth on Thursday.  50% of my horses were great!  Because The Mare didn't need to have her teeth done at all...

Princess took 3 doses of tranq.  Next time we should just give him the whole bottle...  He's so obnoxious about it.  He'll sort of sit back and then heave forward.  And then it's a pain in the butt to back him up again because he's just soooooooo drugged.  As if.  Vet would be working on his teeth and he'd fling his head around, so the float would jab him in the mouth, no doubt proving his belief that teeth floating is torture.  We'd have been done in half the time if he'd just chill out.

Thankfully my vet is really good about it.  Yeah, it's annoying, but it's not like he's doing it on purpose.  He doesn't understand why this thing is in his mouth and why he should put up with it.

River is just very sensitive about some things.  He's a wimp about pain, and scary things like floating will never stop being scary.  It's frustrating because there's nothing you can DO about it.  You can't train a horse to be a little more stoic when he hurts or to stand quietly when someone is poking around in his mouth with a big drill thing.

Also, I made the world's cutest saddle pad to sell.  I want to keep it...

$50 including shipping in the US...  if I don't decide I have to have it.


  1. Yeah, I hear you on the teeth floating problems. I need to schedule an appt to pull wolf teeth and such on the filly and I am dreaded it. I've sedated her a few times to clip her and she takes twice as much as her (much larger) mother. Can't imagine how she'll feel when we are inside her mouth with power tools.