Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fashion forward! Picture-heavy post

I've had a boring navy blue quarter sheet sitting around for years.  It's been used maybe twice.  But with Princess being half naked, I finally have a use for it!  Except... boring navy blue quarter sheet?  Yuck.  So I improved it....
Much better!

"Do I look fabulous, Mom?"

If he looks directly at his reflection, he'll be blinded by the awesomeness.

In a fit of frenzy, I not only improved the quarter sheet, I also finished a saddle pad that I started making... um, a little while ago... *coughMarchcough*

I think it was worth the wait:
 I picked the fabric because it's pretty, but also because I can use it on all three of my horses if I want (even though I only ride one....)--pink for Princess, blue for The Mare, and lime green for the old man.


Another boarder came out while I was riding, so I roped her into videoing us.  River looks pretty good, but sweet mother of mercy I'm terrible.  Heels down?  Why bother!  On the bright side, if a fence pops up in front of us, I'm already in a half seat!

Video stills...



And the video..
 I'm going to have to make sure to put boots or polos on him--3 white legs and 1 chestnut leg trick the eye and make him look off.  I swear he's not!!


  1. Gah, I wish I was crafty like you! Or at least knew how to use a sewing machine. Or owned a sewing machine. Or had enough money to make you make me pads.

    Or really any of those options.

  2. Those are awesome. My next sewing project is a quarter sheet and I'm pretty pumped/nervous out it! :)