Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Happy Birthday, Striker!

Today is the old man's birthday...  Striker is 27 years old!  Of course, he thinks he's 3 and still on the track...

Lots of pictures!!

Jumping 3'6" for the first and only time.

5 weeks after I broke my leg, surgeon said I was able to be weight-bearing as tolerated.... so I rode Striker.  Obviously.

Perfectest pony ever <3

So good!

Treat face!

Going strong at 25!

I'd been riding for 9 or 10 months, jumping for probably 5-ish months.

Taking a break during broomstick polo.

Picture is from late 2004/early 2005.... Amazing how not-grey he was!

Compare to about 6 months ago:
 Reserve champions in the Bareback Division!  His trot is like a pogo stick, so it's extra impressive.

He loves having his face sprayed!  If you try to hose him, he'll just keep grabbing the nozzle so you spray his face.

After a 6+ hour long judged trail ride.

Showing First Level test 1 about 2 years ago.  This is our not-great trot lengthening.
Happy birthday to my best buddy!


  1. That hose/water in face picture is hilarious! Happy birthday to him!