Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Probiotics!!! Warning: Post all about poop!

About a week ago, River's poop was getting pretty soft, like pudding.  Normal poop hits the ground with a thud or a thwack.  His poop hit the ground with a nice juicy splat.  There were no individual poop balls, just a big mushy plop.  Which made stall cleaning really easy, because it all stuck together in one clump; no sifting through bedding looking for escaped poo balls!  But of course killing off all the natural gut flora isn't good..  I groomed him last week and when I touched his belly, he tried to kick me.  He does NOT do that!!  So I got the 5 pound container of Probios.  For an average horse, they say to give 10-15g per day.  One rounded scoop is 5g.  I give 4 level scoops, figuring that the overflow from 3 scoops is probably about one scoop.

He's been on it since Thursday or Friday and his poop has improved!

This is his pre-Probios poop..  Not the best representation of his pudding-poo, but you get the idea.  Mushy, shapeless blob.  Picture is two individual poops, so each time he pooped it was one big clump.

And here's his poop after about 4 days of Probios!!  Still not normal poop, but it's more solid and there are a few chunks per instance of pooping, rather than one big blob.  Pictures don't show too well, but pre-poop was much flatter; Probios poop is taller.

I touched, petted, and rubbed his belly... he was kind of like "uh, whatcha doin'?" but he didn't get angry or try to kick me, so obviously his poor wittle tummy is feeling better.

Yay for probiotics!!!  I have to say, I wasn't sure how much good it would do having him on probiotics and antibiotics, especially since the antibiotics are three times a day, so his body never gets a very long break from them.  Much to my surprise, just a few days have made a noticeable difference!

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  1. This is great....imagine how much better it will be in a few weeks!