Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Huge thanks to everyone!

I've been terrible about replying to comments and thanking everyone for their thoughts/prayers/well wishes.  I want to really, truly, sincerely thank everyone who has been praying for River.  I can't say how much it helped to know there were other people out there who care and were rooting for him.

He's been home for 2 weeks (well, about 9 hours shy of 2 weeks, but close enough) and seems to be on the mend.

Here's video of him from about a week prior to going to Cornell:

Here's a video of him from last night:

He's not sound, but he's improved!  The discharge instructions said not to expect him to get better overnight, but that he should gradually improve, which he has done.

He's still got at least 2 more weeks of antibiotics, but I'm so glad he's doing better!


  1. Heres to a speedy recovery and healing!

  2. Big difference in two weeks!! Glad he's looking and feeling better!