Friday, April 11, 2014

River is so darn cute I can't handle it.

Last night I got to the barn around 11:30ish to give Riv his antibiotics.  Go to his stall, awwwww, he's laying down!  So I go cuddle with him, and end up half leaning/half laying over him.  Eventually I had to give him his meds, so I was like, what the heck, I'll try giving it while he's laying down... Success!  It's so easy to give antibiotics when the horse is laying down!  Surprisingly, he didn't get up.  Then I go grab the muck bucket and a pitchfork and scoop up his poop.  He sleeps right on top of his pee spot, so no way to get that.  Take out muck bucket, fill a bucket with water to top of River's water.  Grab some hay and grain, give him that.  He's still laying down, dozing.  And I'm like OMFG you are too darn cute!!!!  He doesn't disturb himself when the help comes in to do some housekeeping, he just goes about his business.  Before I left I had to cuddle him some more.  He is the sweetest darn horse in the world!  I love a horse who loves to cuddle.

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