Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Oh for goodness' sake.

BO texted me this picture of River yesterday, asking me what is up with my horse.
I'm like, awwww, he's so cuddly!  Then she says no, look at his head!  Oooh, he's got some sort of wound.

WTF?  How?  I'm not worried about it; it's not very big or deep and he's already on antibiotics.  I'm just amazed at how he manages to injure himself.

This is what it looked like this morning...

It apparently bled a bit after the picture yesterday.  Now it's dried and fine, other than it being a wound.  The big idiot.

Oh, and I talked to his vet from Cornell yesterday.  The cultures from his cyst were negative, but that doesn't mean anything.  Since he's responding to antibiotics, we're obviously treating it correctly.  He'll be on antibiotics for while yet...  Vet said she likes to keep them on antibiotics until they're sound and xrays show the cyst is gone.  She also said she misses him and that he's a sweet boy.. which they probably say to everyone, but I'm going to take it to heart because he IS a sweet boy.  If it had been The Mare and someone said they missed her and commented on her lovely personality, I would know they were lying.

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