Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

I spent a few minutes with River cursing him for being a pain in the butt about grain. Then I had a lovely ride on my best guy:

He's the best pony in the whole wide world and I love him more than anything. Sorry, Riv, you just can't compete with this. We're an old married couple--we nag and bicker and annoy each other and love each other. Well, I love him, and I'm assuming he loves me. He nickers when he hears me coming, anyway. And last week he did the cutest thing ever... as I was walking out of the barn, I tossed a quiet "love you" over my shoulder, and he nickered and rushed up to stick his head out!! Isn't that adorable???? So then I squealed and gave him a candy cane. Oh! And back when I was super crippled and was using a walker, he would nicker as soon as he heard the walker rattling! Awwwwww!!!! Gosh I love him.

Oh, and River and Irish and Lily are nice too.

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