Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hug your horse today.

You never know if you'll have another chance.

A very good friend lost her horse early this morning. He had had a number of health problems over the past year, but he had been doing very well. Yesterday evening, he began colicking and went downhill. The vet advised her to take him to Cornell, which she did. Unfortunately, by the time they got there he was in bad shape. Tests showed that his intestine had ruptured. He had to be put down.

It's an unbelievable loss...

Even if he was the ugliest pony ever...

He was 12 this year. My friend had been riding him for a long time, but only owned him for 2 years. To make matters worse, she lost her other horse less than a year ago suddenly.

Appreciate your horses, enjoy every moment with them. There will never be enough moments.

Rest in peace, Magic. You won't be forgotten... not by me, the person you bit really hard; not by the person you sent to the hospital; not by the person who had to buy new reins to replace the ones that got broken when you reared her off; not by the people you kicked when they were in your stall... Oh, the fond memories.. We'll miss you, Magical Pony.

(To the tune of "Beautiful Dreamer":
Magical Pony,
come here to me.
Hay and fresh water,
waiting for thee.

[He was hard to bring in from turnout.])

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