Tuesday, February 21, 2012

River is a wimp and I'm not happy.

Those two items are completely unrelated, by the way.

River feels that having MTG applied to his head is a fate worse than death. Well, too bad. I'm not the one who insists on grinding her head into the nastiest, wettest, dirties, muckiest mud possible and has developed a skin funk. If he doesn't like having bacon-smelling greased applied to his head, then he can be more careful in the future.

"But lady, it's really really gross!"

Cry me a river. Hahaha, cry me a River! That wasn't even intentional.

So that's why River is a wimp.

I'm not happy because my knee is messed up. The torn ACL and torn meniscus knee that I had operated on a year and a half ago. It suddenly started hurting Friday evening. It's gotten more frequent every day until I woke up today with it hurting. I called my ortho first thing yesterday and have an appointment next Wednesday. The only bad thing about having a really good ortho is that really good doctors tend to be busy. I'm hoping that I'm just being a baby and it's no big deal. I had been at the gym before it started acting up, but I've done the same stuff before with no problems. It's weird.. it doesn't hurt to bear weight, what hurts is when I walk and lift the foot up and bend my knee to step forward. So when it's bothering me, I have to keep my knee straight and walk around with a peg leg. It gets worse the longer I'm moving and sometimes if I twist on it, it flares up.

So now I'm totally paranoid that something is messed up in there and I'm going to be grounded again. Now that I'm finally sound again. I'm finally trusting my knee. I've finally forgotten that it was a problem. Here we go again... But hey. Maybe it'll be fine. Maybe by the time my appointment rolls around, it'll be all better.

But I can't help thinking.. the last time I had this feeling that something is wrong, I had a torn ACL. And if it makes sense, this pain doesn't feel right.

I guess the horses get it easy for a bit. I don't dare try doing much with them if I'm not 100%.

Grrrr. Way to annoy me, knee.

Oh, and my d@mn tibia is acting up, too. I try jogging and it's a deep ache, like having a bad bruise poked, right where the bone was broken.

On the bright side, the finger I broke is doing just fine. *knock on wood*

And River is a wimp.

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