Thursday, February 2, 2012

Stupid horses.

I stopped out for a few minutes today to give River his special grain (bit of ration balancer and sweet feed with a good bit of high-fat grain, a multivitamin supplement, and oil). Dimwitted beast that he is, rather than quietly eating out of the bucket that was set on the ground, he used his muzzle to flip it over and dump half the grain in a puddle. And then proceeded to nuzzle the ground looking for every spare bit of grain. Wouldn't it make far more sense to eat the grain while it's in the bucket? Or is that just too obvious? Idiot... Well, I suppose if the price I pay for having a quiet, sensible horse is that he's a moron who dumps his food on the ground and ruins it, I can live with that.

1 comment:

  1. grrr, this drives me crazy!! my guy does it, too. i want to hand feed him every little piece so he doesn't miss anything, especially his fancy supplements i'm paying extra for!