Friday, February 10, 2012

Quick post

No time today to do much with Riv. I had an appointment this morning to get fitted for contacts (yay!!!), so just had to time to stop by the barn and give River and Irish their grain. By which I mean "stand in the paddock with a bucket in each hand holding it while they eat and also chasing off the other horse who always tries to steal Irish's grain because she's too nice to tell him where he can go and also watch the chicken who was wandering around clucking and eating stray bits of grain".

River was annoyed that he couldn't dump the grain out on the ground. Ha ha! So instead he ate rather angrily. You tell that grain, Riv, shove your face in and take a big chomp!

I forgot to mention yesterday.. I tacked up River, walked him to the ring, rode around, rode outside, yaddayaddayadda and he was such a quiet, well-behaved boy. Later, I rode my 25 year old lease horse. Tacked him up, walked out of the barn, and he spent the entire way down prancing and trotting and passaging. What?? You're 25 years old. You are much too old for this nonsense! How does my 12 year old recently-retired OTTB behave better than my broke old man? Horses. *rolls eyes*

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