Monday, December 2, 2013

Happy Anniversary (a little late)

Yes, I'm late.  Our two year anniversary was 11/27.  On that day, I went to work, went wedding dress shopping with a friend, and saw Catching Fire.  Then Thanksgiving, then lazy Friday, then long days on Saturday and Sunday.

Here is River's listing photo from when he was on the track:
I still think he's gorgeous.

So what have we done since our last anniversary?  Uhm...

We discovered that he can jump.

A cavaletti wrestled him to the ground while I was on him.

We went to our first show!

Pictures from the aforementioned first show.

We got the best sheet ever.

We cantered!  It took 6 months to do it, but we did it!

River was extremely bad.

Our second show....
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Suzanne Warmack is the best.

River's birthday gift to me was being lame.

River gave me a heart attack.

But he was okay.

We had a clinic, so he had to have a mysterious ailment.

But he was okay.

Such a good clinic!

Poor boy got clipped.

Well dressed horse!

 I free longed him last week....

And me and the ponies.

 The Mare says "I'll be in your damn picture but I won't like it!"