Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Winter is here. Until tomorrow, anyway, when the temps will be back in the 30s.

The weatherman was predicting some major snow.

...or not. Rule of thumb: Whatever the weatherman says, plan for the opposite.

So it's bitterly cold out and the ponies are tucked into their paddock with toasty warm blankets and plenty of hay. Not a bad life, I think.

River is a wee bit herdbound, so yesterday I decided to be very mean. Took him out of the paddock, shut him in a stall, and sat in my car reading a book for half an hour. When I figured he was probably done throwing a tantrum, I went and gave him some grain and groomed him. We'll just need to make a point of doing it as often as possible so he stops being a baby about it.

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