Monday, January 16, 2012

Riverless Post

No River today... no bowling, either, one of our group was sick (what a baby) so we decided to skip this week.

No, this post is about my baby! You remember her....


(Sadly, she does not look like this anymore. She looks like a cross between a yak and a mule.)

Enough comments on her incredibly homely appearance... Tonight she was a very very good girl. We've been working on "whoa". Not just "whoa" as in "slow down a bit.. maybe? please?", I mean "whoa" like "come to a dead stop in mid step and wherever your feet end up is where the stay, even if you look like you're playing Twister for a million dollar prize".

She's been getting better and better, so we've been trying "whoa" and then I move around, so she knows to take the verbal cue and obey until she's told otherwise. Tonight was a new one... it took a couple reminders that "when I say 'whoa' it means you plant yo' ass", but she halted and stood perfectly while I dropped the lead and walked around her. What a good girl!

She might be a little hellion, but she's getting good at this well-mannered-member-of-equine-society thing.

Okie doke, that's all. I should have a River update tomorrow, unless he decides to be thoroughly uninteresting.

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