Sunday, January 8, 2012




Thanks to my sweet mounting block, getting on him was easy:

(Obviously this is not at the barn.)

Here's a video of me riding him!

I've gotta say, he is turning out to be the best possible horse I could have gotten off the track. He's a darn good boy. The only problem is his Go Button doesn't appear to have been installed. Not entirely sure how he managed to win 20 races and win over $400k... He improved since his ride last week--he turned to the right without getting all confused! Such a smart boy! My friend put us back on the lead and we went for a walk on the property and she had him trot on the driveway. He's a really really good boy and stood quietly for me to dismount.

For being a good boy, he got some grain and peppermints:

Also, here are a couple pictures from the other day that I never got around to posting:

Super super proud of my boy! He really is turning out to be very good and easy. Fingers crossed he keeps it up!

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