Saturday, January 28, 2012


I apologize for the lack of updates, interesting or otherwise. It's just been so darn yucky out, I don't feel like spending much time at the barn. When I do go out, it's to give Mare and River some grain, make sure they're both alive, and then I leave. Currently it's wet and snowy and windy and just really really gross out. Call me a wimp, but it's hard to motivate myself to do much of anything when it's like that. There are two things I absolutely cannot tolerate in weather: wind and wet. Not a fan of heat and humidity, either, but those things are a bit easier to work around. But when the mud is ankle deep and the wind is blinding... well, I just want to curl up in my bed with a hairdryer under the covers to keep me warm. (Shuddup, there's nothing weird about that.) Also, I keep losing my fleece earwarmers in the black hole that is my car. I neeeeeed my earwarmers in this weather. Cold wind + uncovered ears = raging ear infection. I'm not going to discuss how long it took me to put those two together, but it was a painful lesson that I have learned very very well.

River was still alive yesterday. I'll pop out later today probably, and definitely tomorrow. I haaaaaaaate rain!

I mean, look at this:

This is NOT natural. This is Buffalo. Okay, it's 40 miles east of Buffalo. Whatever. It's supposed to be COLD. It's supposed to be SNOWY. It absolutely positively should not be above freezing and raining almost every bloody day! We've had a few days where it got up to 50 so far this month. Now, if you don't have to deal with being outside in the mud, this weather is probably great. However, because I do have to be outside, it is not great. It is terrible. We already have to deal with a crapload of mud in the spring when the snow melts (not that that'll be a concern this year, the way things are going). But still. The point is, we're supposed to have 4 distinct seasons. Currently, that season is winter, not spring.

Mother Nature, put the bottle down and get thee to an AA meeting. You have a problem.

Here's a random picture of River from a few days ago.

He likes his pink bucket. So there.

Oh, and in case things weren't annoying enough, my farrier and I had a miscommunication and had to reschedule again, and the new wheels for my car equaled a month and a half of board for my two horses. *sigh* I need to find a very wealthy, very generous man who doesn't mind a wife who puts her animals first.

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