Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Weather sucks. It's raining and muddy and gross. Here are some pictures from the weekend, when we had a bit of snow.

And my mare and her friend:

She's a wimp and refuses to stand up to him. River, I can give him a bucket of grain and not worry because he won't let anyone touch it. Not the mare, oh no, I have to stand guard over her.

There's really not much to report... Riv's hind legs were getting puffy over the weekend when it was cold and frozen and hard to move, now that the ground is soft again (ugh) he's fine.

At some point, I'll do something with him. Mare's farrier is coming tomorrow (yay!), so I'll have him look at River too. Thursday I'll be at a funeral all day (rest in peace, Aunt Teresa!), Friday is work, so maybe things will work out on Saturday or Sunday. I almost rode this weekend, but then I didn't. Mostly because I didn't feel like digging my helmet out of my car. Yes, I'm aware that that is just about the most pathetic excuse for not riding ever. Oh well.

Oh, but good news! Tomorrow, I should finally get the new wheels for my car!! Stupid thing came with aluminum wheels. Ran over a big rock a couple months ago and ruined one, over $200 for a new wheel. 3 weeks ago, another tire went flat and surprise! That rim was dented and ruined too. So screw that, I'm getting steel rims put on. They got the rims, I went to get them put on, oh darn, the lug nuts aren't right. Come back a week later, the lug nuts are in but they're the wrong ones because the salesman at the.... lug nut warehouse?.... is stupid and insisted they were right when they aren't. So with any luck at all, they'll have the right ones in finally. I've been driving on a donut for 3 weeks. Which for me is something like a thousand miles. Holy crap that's a lot more than I thought it would be...

So... yeah. There we go.

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