Friday, January 13, 2012


River's fun stuff has arrived! Here's the pad and boots:

And a closeup of the embroidery:

Hopefully I'll be able to use it soon! He's been such a good boy that I'd be comfortable getting on him without a ground person. Obviously I'd make sure the barn owner knows so she can peek out the window to make sure I'm alive, but... I've only been on him once and I'm surprised and how comfortable and secure I feel on him. Not that I'm going to do anything stupid--if I get on him, we'll walk. Do a few circles and figure eights, halt and walk. Nothing daring or exciting. He's weak to the right and needs time to build some strength and flexibility, so walking and suppling is exactly what he needs anyway.

Probably not going to try riding him tomorrow, forecast is a high of 19. Ew. Especially if it's windy. But maybe I can do some groundwork. Sunday should be a bit better--mid 20s. Ah well, we've got plenty of time.

Also, the exciting thing I mentioned before is still processing. We're keeping our fingers crossed that things work out the way we want.

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