Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy Birthday, Riv!

He's now officially 12 years old! It's time to get going on his new life... so I wrangled a friend into being a crash test dummy (same friend who did his massage and jogged him for the video I posted a while back). Of course I couldn't find the bit I wanted to use on him (a Fulmer) or a plain full cheek. My only other full cheek is a corkscrew, and that was just... no. So I had to settle for a d-ring. The options there were a Waterford or a Dr. Bristol. I went with the Dr. Bristol. I'll have to see if I lent the Fulmer and regular full cheek to a friend and get them back.

Thankfully, there were no crashes! I put his halter over the bridle and kept him on the lead line at first. We walked a few minutes each way. He only "spooked" once at a very scary jump:


But it was just a spook in place, so no biggie. It's good to see how he reacts to things, although something as non-scary as the coop probably isn't the best measure.

Once he was walked quietly both ways, I unclipped the lead and let them go. He was a very very good boy, but he got confused when his rider asked him to change directions and go to the right. he wasn't bad about it, but it was a bit of a problem.. I took his halter and got him moving right. He was nervous when I stepped away, but the rider was able to keep him moving like a good boy.


(See, I said I have a pink saddle pad!)

OMG, my friends are over there!!!!

Little video:

Then I put the lead back on and we went for a little walk around the property, down the driveway, between the bulldozers, and back up to the barn to untack.

Soooo cute!

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