Saturday, January 14, 2012

Shocking news!

River ate a whole candy cane without spitting out a single piece and suggesting that I'm trying to kill him by withholding his favorite individually wrapped peppermints! I didn't think it would happen! The red stripes were darker than most candy canes, so maybe that tastes better? Who knows.

River spilled a bit of grain on the ground and worked hard to make sure he got every last bit.


Yes, it's as crusty as it looks. Come spring, we're going to need a jackhammer to get all the ground in, caked on mud and manure off.

Since we suddenly have snow and cold weather (current temp: 6 degrees), I did some blanket rearranging. Irish usually wears a 100gram blanket... not a whole lot of insulation, but enough for most days and not too much when it gets above freezing. I have a heavyweight turnout in her size, so the 100g came off and the heavyweight went on. Riv's blanket is a mediumweight, so the 100g went on underneath. It's a bit too small for him, but it'll do for a couple days until things warm up a bit.

Oddly enough, it doesn't really seem that cold. I'm coldest between about 25 and 35 degrees. Once the temps drop below 20, I'm great and perfectly comfortable. I have absolutely no idea why and it makes no sense to me. But whatever. I'm thinking tomorrow I might attempt to longe River again. I'd feel kind of bad stripping off his clothes so I can ride, but he can walk on the longe wearing blankets. If I get reallllllly ambitious, I can dig through my car and hopefully find a surcingle and second longe line and we can try some long lining.

Or maybe I'll just feed them some candy canes and call it good. We'll see.

Also, today this blog hit 1,000 views! Now I just need 1,000 ad clicks and I'll be set ;)! Thanks for reading!

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