Sunday, December 11, 2011

Boy Colors are Magic

This morning, I put a blue blanket on River.

This evening, his legs have improved!

Ahhhhhh!! Dressing him in boy colors really works!!

Poor guy is kind of a wimp, though. I think the change from working on a groomed track and being in a stall 24/7 to suddenly being out in a muddy paddock 24/7 messed him up. Today I noticed a scrape on one of his hind heel bulbs--my guess is he scraped it on the ice. He got his legs brushed off and puffed with Gold Bond medicated powder.

He was put back out with the group today, idea being that being with friends will encourage him to move and get rid of the puffiness. Whether it's that or the boy color blanket, I don't know, but something is helping. The legs are still swollen, but there's definite improvement.

His girlfriend was a little too interested in River's Bucket O' Grain and Antibiotics

(After this he pounced and ran her off. Meany.)

River says "Go away, I'm eating and you ran out of peppermints."

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