Saturday, December 3, 2011

Stupid Internet

You guys better appreciate this post, my internet is being ridiculous.

Last night River ate his yummy beet pulp and canola oil slop (yeah, my mouth is watering too... *gag*) while I groomed him. He was a very good boy until I started brushing high on the inside of his hind legs. I mean, yeah, we don't know each other that well yet and I suppose it was a little close to his junk, but still... So I brushed, he picked up his leg, I smacked him and yelled at him, he put it back down. Brushed again, he picked up the *opposite* leg. Clever boy! I let it go. He knew he wasn't allowed to pick up the leg next to me and he didn't... good enough (for now, anyway).

Also, fun stuff. It's fun to have a horse named River Mountain Rd. Especially when you call him River or Riv. Because then when he's naughty, you can say "River Mountain Rd!" Like "Martin Albert Fischbein!" Say it out loud like you're scolding someone, it's fun! You know River is in trouble if I use his full name. And then I'm not even annoyed at him for being naughty because saying "River Mountain Rd!" makes me giggle.

He's really starting to relax more now. Last night after he was done eating, he was looking for bits of dropped food on the floor of the stall. Then he picked his head up and clobbered himself on the bucket hanging on the wall. River on Day One or Two would have had an OMG moment. River Today (well, yesterday, but whatever) barely blinked.

Today was a big, big, big day! (Hunger Games, anyone? Awesome books, if you haven't read them yet, DO IT!) It was Mane Pulling Day. I wanted to procrastinate, but River is getting a massage tomorrow and I figured I should do his mane and induce any stiffness/soreness/tension now so it can get massaged out.

You may recognize this picture from a couple days ago. It's River's mane in training braids. Notice how repulsively thick and long it is:

Ew. This is one of those manes that you look at and are like "oh man, this is going to take hours to do." And being an idiot, I forgot to hunt down a pulling comb. I had to give it a go using plastic mane comb (pink, of course!). Last time I pulled a mane using one of those, the mane ate 3/4 of the comb.

Imagine my shock when 20 minutes later, I had this:

Ahhhh! OMG!!!! It pulled easily! You know how sometimes you can only pull about 3 hairs at a time and even then you have to use your whole weight to do it? River's mane is the opposite. A-flippin'-mazing.

This is what we had at the end.

And then I remembered that I'd forgotten to add flax seed to his beet pulp/oil slop, so I went next door to mix it up. I was extra nice and added some peppermints to the mess. River heard the peppermints being unwrapped and got very excited.

You just want to grab him and snuggle, don't you?


River is so darn lucky to have me. Because I'm NICE. I went to a Christmas raffle tonight and there were candy canes at every seat.. I got as many as I could for River.

Nahhhhh, he's not spoiled...

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