Thursday, December 29, 2011

We're back

Yes, I've been negligent in posting. I didn't get out to the barn for a couple days, so there wasn't much to say. Let's see....

Now that Christmas is over, candy canes are 50% off. I didn't have a cart or basket, so I only got 6 boxes. But since I also have 6 or 7 bags of individually wrapped mints, we're probably okay for a while.

The funny thing was the checker. She asked if all the candy was about gone, and I explained that I just wanted candy canes because my horses like them. "Excuse me, ma'am, did you say horses?!" The woman had never heard of horse eating candy canes. We chatted for a few minutes about horses and the things they eat. This remind me of a friend's recent Facebook status... her horse was off and looking to be brewing an abscess, so she went to get supplies. Her status was wondering what the checker thought about her purchase of diapers, duct tape, and candy.

Thanks to our lovely cold weather, the ground is frozen and yucky again. Riv is doing okay, though. One of his legs is a bit swollen, no doubt from navigating the ground.... knowing him, he was trying to chase someone off his food. I really wish we would get some good snow, we need a layer of cushion to make the ground easier to handle. I was going to try longeing him today, but with his leg we had to postpone. And by "longeing" I mean "putting him on a long lead and ask him to walk and maybe trot three steps to see if he understands the idea."

They recently got a fresh round bale and they've already just about demolished it.

Well, at least they're not peeing on it.

Awwww, he really is cute. This is after he was mugging me for treats, and then had the nerve to spit out the candy cane and try to interfere with me feeding the Mare. Excuse me, mister, if you don't want the treat I give you, then you'll do without. Or, one of my favorite sayings, "you'll get nothing and like it!"

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