Monday, December 12, 2011

One Step Forward, One Step Back and Sideways

Not a whole lot to report today. This morning River looked pretty good... well enough to chase off a mare who dared look at him eating his antibiotic/grain/molasses mix. This evening, his legs were getting puffy again.


It's hard to tell in the dark and uneven footing, but I think he's getting scratches or something. Tomorrow's plan: while he eats his yummy antibiotics, I clean up his legs as best as I can and slather on petroleum jelly. In the evening, clean him up, see if any scabs or anything are loosening, put on antibiotic ointment, top with petroleum jelly. Repeat. Depending how he looks in the morning, possibly call the vet.

It's kind of a lose-lose. When it's muddy, everything is gross and mucky and nasty. It finally gets cold enough to freeze, and now the ground is hard and uneven. I'm quietly spazzing. I really just hope he needs to adjust to his new life and toughen up.

Anyone else find it incredibly ironic that an 11 year old war horse needs to toughen up?

River, you are so lucky you're cute.

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